The Dalmatian resort can be reached across a bridge or by ferry in just 6 hours by car from Budapest.
Croatia, Island of Pag, 2021.06.12. - 09.18.
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What do you need for a perfect holiday? Long beaches with crystal clear water, Mediterranean climate with 35-degrees, thriving culture, diverse program offers, bustling nightlife – on the island of Pag you can experience it all at budget-friendly prices.

Zrće Beach is located on the island of Pag in Novalja. The surroundings of the area, also known as the Croatian Ibiza, offer plenty of recreational opportunities. The Dalmatian resort can be reached across a bridge or by ferry in just 6 hours by car from Budapest.

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Premium: Bellavista I

2021.06.12. - 09.18.

Pre-sale price: 99 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

The premium, 4* accomodation has 3 buildings, is located 500 m away from both the center of Novalja and the beach. There is a busstop 150 m away.

This accomodation has a pool, is equipped with air conditioning and offers free parking right in front of the entrance. Every room has free WiFi.

The rooms are available for 2,3,4,6,8 people.


Premium: Bellavista II

2021.06.12. - 09.18.

Pre-sale price: 129 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

The premium, 4* accomodation has 3 buildings, is located 500 m away from both the center of Novalja and the beach. There is a busstop 150 m away.

This accomodation has a pool, is equipped with air conditioning and offers free parking right in front of the entrance. Every room has free WiFi.

The rooms are available for 2 and 4 people.


Premium: Bellavista III

2021.06.12. - 09.18.

Pre-sale price: 129 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

The premium, 4* accomodation has 3 buildings, is located 500 m away from both the center of Novalja and the beach. There is a busstop 150 m away.

This accomodation has a pool, is equipped with air conditioning and offers free parking right in front of the entrance. Every room has free WiFi.

The rooms are available for 2, 4 and 6 people.


Hotel Olea

2021.06.12. - 09.18.

Pre-sale price: 180 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

Novalja’s most recent gem offers real exclusivity for those looking for the most comfortable accomodation. The rooms for 2 or 3 comes with buffet breakfast.

The cozy Hotel Olea is facilitated with restaurant, gym center, a bar and a large garden. The 4* hotel offers rooms with free wifi, private bathroom and air conditioning. Guests can also enjoy a sauna, an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor pool.



2021.06.12. - 09.18.

Pre-sale price: 137 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

Opened in 2013 at a location 1312 feet from the beach, the Moon Rocks has a restaurant and a bar with terrace, while the accommodations comes with free Wi-Fi in the common area. Parking on site is free of charge. Owners of the Moon Rocks also own the popular Papaya Night Club, and tickets for parties can be bought on site.

There is a supermarket 1312 feet from the Moon Rocks, while the central area of Novalja is 1640 feet away.

Novalja Bus Station is 2625 feet away. Zrće Beach is approximately 1.9 mi from the Moon Rocks.


Accommodation in Normal category

2021.06.12. - 09.18.

Pre-sale price: 160 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

The normal, 3* accomodations are located in the center of Novalja, few minutes away by foot both from the center and the beach.

These accomodations does not have pools, but are equipped with air conditioning, and offer parking opportunity right in front of the entrance.

The apartments are available for between 2,3,4 and 6 people.


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The beautiful Pag Island is 63 km long but only 10-11 km wide. It is located at the northest part of Dalmatia and due to its defiant, extremely varied countryside, it is a special member of the Adriatic archipelago.

The island is full of gray rock boulders, providing minimal living conditions for the development of flora and fauna. Therefore, due to the sheer stone and the lack of vegetation and animals, the exterior of the island of Pag reminds us to the moon.

The island can be reached by ferry or via a bridge across the Razanac Canal near Zagreb. There are also bus services on Pag, which take us to all important towns. Buses also run from the two main cities, Pag and Novalja to Rijeka and Zagreb, so we don’t need a car even for trips around the island.

The western coast is ideal for everyone looking for a varied bathing experience. For hiking and cycling enthusiasts Pag offers perfect conditions throughout the whole island. While riding on Pag it feels like we’re cycling on the moon. This is due to the particularly strong winds that beat the island at speeds of more than 200 km/h in winter and early spring, and the Adriatic Sea, whose waves reach the island. After cycling, the perfect Pag cheese and lamb, the salad spiced with olive oil and the homemade red wine are definitely the perfect refreshments.

The inhabitants of the island live from sheep farming, fishing, viticulture and tourism, but salt distilleries near the town of Pag are also important sources of income.

The capital of the island, PAG, was built in 1443 according to strict geometric rules, in Renaissance style. Its beautiful cityscape has largely been preserved to this day. The entrance to the parish church of Sveta Marija, also from this time, is an extremely popular postcard and photo motif. The large market square itself is a real masterpiece, where the two main streets of the city crosses each other. It is worth visiting the rector’s palace on the square. The Church of Sveta Margarita definitely worths a visit with the Benedictine monastery next door and its museum.

The art of dry stonewall construction in Croatia was recognized worldwide in November 2018, when this type of art was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind”.

Dry stonewalls were built for different reasons as well as in different styles. In some cases, they were needed for agricultural reasons. Guided by the intention of making the land productive, the stones were dug out of the soil and stacked on top of each other to facilitate crop production and mark the plot boundaries. The dry stonewalls also served to protect man and animal from the strong bora wind.

Some islands have majestic dry stonewalls that date back to the time of the Liburnians. The Liburnians, as the first colonizers, built walls to mark their territory. The fact that these walls still stand today testifies to the expertise of the builders.

Whether considering it a fruit or a vegetable, we have to admit – olive is a magic fruit.

In addition to getting oil from it, it is most often used in gastronomy – as a cold appetizer on its own or in a salad, added to sauces, meat and fish dishes. The quality of the food is also confirmed by the fact that the Mediterranean diet is on the UNESCO list of intangible heritage.

In the Mediterranean, olive tree has always been a sacred plant. A symbol of peace, wisdom, strength and fertility. On the lean ground, the fruit of the olive tree was considered as a real treasure. In some eras, olives were used as a mean of payment and we can also fount it in the Greek and Egyptian mythology.

In terms of quality, olive oil can be divided into a few varieties – extra virgin, virgin olive oil and sansa oil. The most valuable of these is the extra virgin.

It is estimated that Dalmatia grows about 4.5 million olive trees – more than the population of Croatia.

The most common type of olive in Dalmatia is definitely the oblica. Its oil is sweet and perfect for making special fish dishes.

During our stay, make sure to visit the Lunjski maslinik (Lunj olive grove), which covers 80,000 olive trees on 400 hectares. Outstanding among them is the older “lady,” which is an olive tree from the time of Jesus Christ, standing there for 2,000 years!

Novalja is the most important touristic center on the island of Pag, rich in cultural and historical heritage. It has a long turbulent and exciting history, proved by archaeological evidence, including three early medieval basilicas from the 4th and 5th centuries. Divers may be interested in the remains of a sunk merchant ship on the seabed from the 1st century.

Novalja offers various touristic opportunities where everyone can find attractive activities. It offers entertainment for the youth until morning, as it is the best place to explore nightlife in Croatia. During the day they can party on the beach and enjoy other programs that serve as an introduction, since the fun lasts till the next day!

Specialties of Novalja and the whole island: cheese, lamb, macaroni, cream cheese strudel, various fish dishes and seafood as well as traditional local sweets such as hrostule and frite.

Zrće is located in a protected bay in Croatia, right in the middle of the island of Pag. Zrće Bay is basically a barren, pebbly, rocky bay. There is, more precisely, there was no attraction here until it was designated as a party zone. By the way, there is a silence decree all over Croatia, that forbids loud noise in the cities after midnight. That is why Zrće party zone was created.

Zrće Beach itself has the international Blue Flag rating, which means that the sea water is very clear and regularly inspected. The beach is pebbly, completely free and open 24/7. During the day we could not only swim, but choose from a lot of different sport activities and extreme programs. It is important to note that smaller nightclubs are free, while larger ones have admission fees ranging between 50-100 kunas.

In addition to Zrće beach, there are several beautiful beaches such as Caska (on the site of the former Roman town), Straško beach, Branićevica, Planjka, Lokunje and Babe beaches.

From Budapest it is 654 km far. It takes an approximately 6.5 hours drive. The northern part of Pag can be reached by ferry (Prizna – Zigljen ferry), while from the south – in the direction of Zadar – you can get to the island across the free bridge.

For those who prefer a more adventurous trip, we definitely recommend a trip across the Velebit Mountains, where you can get to Pag by landing at the beach at Prizna. It is worth checking the ferry schedule in advance, because the ferries only run at certain intervals!

The impressive coastline of the island of Pag is about 250 kilometers long . Thanks to the many wedged bays it satisfies all the needs of the bathers.

You can choose from the lively beaches of the west coast and the unique beach experience provided by the lonely coves of the island.

There are many beautiful beaches, especially next to the former fishing village of Novalja, which was once the capital of the island. A flat, sandy beach attracts families with children to its shallow shores. Even the bumpy road to the beach doesn’t hold them back. The pebble beach in the bay of Novalja is also child-friendly.

Wakeboard lovers can follow their favourite passion even during the holidays, all week long!

The “Wakeboard Cable Pag” on Zrće beach awaits every day those, who visit this beautiful bay not only because of its popular entertainment venues!

The complex was built in 2006 and now has one of the most modern elevator systems in Europe. The length of the track is 600 m and its height reaches 10 m in most places. The building is located directly on the water, where a sun terrace provides a place for proper regeneration with beautiful view.

Papaya, with its 3000 m² is one of the centers of Zrće Beach!

Six dance halls, one with enourmous size, pedestal pools, foam party, a jacuzzi and two slides are the standard equipment. The moves are dictated by go-go dancers. This is where you leave for home with a sore heart at dawn.

Starting from the beach promenade, the first stop is Aquarius. This is a real modern beach club. On the site of the dance floor we also find a pedestral pool, with many dancers. If we get hungry, we can choose from a fast food restaurant and a pizzeria. The VIP sector has its own jacuzzi.

Kalypso is the very first and senior party venue. It is a straw-roofed, natural stone place surrounded by a dense pine forest. The music is specially house style.

As a new contestant, the Noa Club opened its doors in 2011. It is a 2000 m² facility built partly on the sea. Swimming pool, two-level dance floor, 5 bars, yacht marina, private beach, fast food restaurants and massage. In one word, a real party paradise!

The newest club in Zrće Beach opened the doors in 2019, in a whole new way. Compared to other nightclubs in Zrće it offers a chilled atmosphere, deep and tropical house music, and cabaret shows.

Optional services

Local shuttle 30 €
Normal party boat ticket 45 €
VIP party boat ticket 70 €

Mandatory fees:
Administration fee 10 €
Tourist tax 10 €
Deposit/apartment, to be paid on spot 100 €

The deposit will be refunded in case of intact room by check out.

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Please note that only beach insurance provides coverage for a beach holiday, classic travel insurance does not!

Insurance fees
Tengerpart Nívó (“Beach Standard”) for 7 days 11 €
Tengerpart Top (“Beach Top”) for 7 days 14 €
Tengerpart Extra (“Beach Extra”) for 7 days 21 €

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