Adrenaline Weekend #nosignal
Bovec, Slovenia, 2021.09.10. - 09.12.
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No Signal Adrenaline Weekend


We organize our adventure sport weekend in the majestic Soca Valley near the town of Bovec, Slovenia.

The growing reputation of this charming place due to its fairytale natural endowments. The Soca River offers a unique opportunity for whitewater rafting, and it’s a perfect place to organize canyoning tours. And if you want even more extreme experience, you can try the longest zipline of Europe, where you can try free fall for 3.5 km between the trees of the valley. The adrenaline rush is followed by relaxing & partying evening programmes of No Signal as usual.



2021.09.10. - 09.12.

Pre-sale price: 199 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

NORMAL package includes travel, accommodation and a party wristband.

Our accommodation: Kaninska Vas (rooms for 2 people, apartments for 4-6 people)

Kaninska Vas is surrounded by the mountains of the Julian Alps, 4 minutes from the center of Bovec. It’s a South Facing Accommodation with a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. It is one of the most popular parts of Bovec with its spacious garden and various outdoor sports facilities. There is a guarded bicycle storage, and the WIFI is free.

The apartments of the Kaninska Vas are available for 4, 5 and 6 people, while the rooms can only accommodate up to 2 people.


2021.09.10. - 09.12.

Pre-sale price: 219 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

HOTEL package includes travel from Budapest, hotel accommodation with breakfast and a party wristband!

Our accommodation: Hotel Alp (room for 2 people)

The Hotel is located in the center of Bovec, it offers a wide range of winter and summer sports activities. With a central location, the modern Hotel Alp is the perfect base for exploring natural beauties of the area. The accommodation is well-supplied with fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, air conditioning and a bathroom with a shower.

The Hotel offers a breakfast buffet for all guests.

Hotel Alp can only accommodate up to 2 people.

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You can find the current entry and local rules here.

No Signal Adrenaline Weekend:

10 September – 12 September 2021

Bovec is a small Slovenian town in the Julian Alps, right next to the Italian border and about 30 km away from the Austrian border. Due to the nearby Triglav National Park, Kranjska Gora and sports facilities (rafting, kayaking, canoeing), more and more visitors come to the small town every year, which also functions as one of the largest ski resorts in Slovenia in winter.

The crystal clear emerald water of the river Soča, with its various difficulty sections, is a favorite destination for whitewater rafting lovers, which can also be reached from Hungary within a few hours by car. There are many exciting sports activities in Bovec like rafting, wildwater canoeing and kayaking, canyoning, caving, paragliding and zipline. In addition, don’t forget about the beauty of the waterfalls, mountain roads, forests, streams, which can be explored individually by bike or on foot as well.


The rafting programme is included in the standard pack of each travel package!

Sit in a rafting boat with your best buddies and conquer the most extreme rocks of the Soca River in 2 hours with local tour guides. Be ready to get your feet wet…


If you are tired of domestic water parks, then it is time to try the 12-meter water park of the nature in some places, jumping into the water from rocks up to 3-8 meters or slipping into the dark cave from the sunlight. You don’t run away from the experience of your life, do you?

Zipline (wire rope)

You didn’t even know about the largest zipline in Central Europe, which is 1,200 meters high?! Then hop in the military SUV with us, and try out zip-lining!

Extreme Canyoning (advanced)

Do you want to try even more exciting programmes? Then it’s time for you to take a closer look at one of the most beautiful canyons in the world and climb through with the help of a seat next to the most beautiful waterfalls.


Rafting: 45 €
Canyoning: 45 €
Zipline: 55 €
Extreme Canyoning (advanced): 80 €

Extreme canyoning is in the Predelica, Kozjak and Fratarica canyons because of geographical features.

Prices also include any transfer costs to get to the programmes.

Departure: 10.09.2021. 8:00
Scheduled for arrival: 10.09.2021. 16:00

Home departure: 12.09.2021. 13:00
Scheduled for arrival: 12.09.2021. 21:00

Distance from Budapest: 570 km

Travel time: ~ 7-8 hours

We provide a € 30 discount from the participation fee for passengers, who travel by car!

Distance from Budapest: 570 km

Recommended route: Budapest-Nagykanizsa – Letenye-Maribor Jubjana- Logatec Tolmin Kobarid -Bovec

Travel time: ~ 5-6 hours

Expected travel cost by car: 45,000 HUF


Early bird price until midnight of 15.04.2021: 179 €
First round price until midnight of 31.05.2021: 199 €
Overall price from midnight of 31.05.2021: 219 €

Advanced payment (30 €) must be paid


Early bird price until midnight of 15.04.2021: 209 €
First round price until midnight of 31.05.2021: 229 €
Overall price from midnight of 31.05.2021: 249 €

Advanced payment (30 €) must be paid


Priority check in for the apartment: 50 €
Empty bed: 60 €

Transfer from the countryside: 15 €
We provide bus from countryside, if the number of applicants reaches 40 people! For more information, contact us by e-mail at

We provide a € 30 discount from the participation fee for passengers, who travel by car!


Administration fee: 7 €
City tax must be paid at the accommodation: 4 €


Name/data change fee after application: 10 €
Deposit/bed must be paid at the accommodation: 30 €
The deposit will be refunded if the apartment is returned undamaged.

Our partner, EUB-Assistance is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wherever you are in the world!

To participate in No Signal you must have valid BBP insurance!

We would like to remind you, that only the following insurances cover the extreme adventure tour, the classic insurance is not enough in this case.

Prices – No Signal Adrenaline Weekend
EUB Nívó + Sport Extra for 3 days: 7 €
EUB Extra + Sport Extra for 3 days: 15 €

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our colleagues!

Phone: +36 70 703 1314 (10: 00-17: 00)

Our office: 1095 Budapest – Soroksári út 48
Entrance via the Mango Bistro.
Open: M-T: 09.00-13.00

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