The Dalmatian resort can be reached across a bridge or by ferry in just 6 hours by car from Budapest.
Croatia, Island of Pag, 2021.08.22. - 08.27.
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In 2021 the LIL’ BROTHER of Snowattack awaits again for youngsters who want to do sports, parties and relax on Pag-Island, the ‘Ibiza’ of Croatia.

Beachattack Festival is a real party-holiday where we can experience the closeness of the wonderful sea, the 40 Celsius Mediterranean heat and moreover, we can party non-stop at one of the world’s most popular party places at Zrce Beach.

Join us on the biggest BEACHATTACK festial between 22.08.2021 and 27.08.2021!

You can read more info and details by clicking HERE

Do not miss the party boat either, unlimited consumption and a huge party waiting for you on the midle of the sea.

Here is a little taste of the atmosphere:

Available offers


2021.08.22. - 08.27.

Pre-sale price: 199 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

The normal package includes accommodation, party wristband and travel.

Any other services (insurance, etc.) can be purchased additionally during the application process.

These are 3-star accommodations in a normal category which are situated in the center of Novalja, only a few minutes walk away from the center and the beach.
These accommodations do not have pools, but they are equipped with air-conditioners, and parking places are available right next to the apartments. The apartments from Tomy and Krajl complexes are available for 2,3,4,5 and 6 persons.


2021.08.22. - 08.27.

Pre-sale price: 299 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

This stunning hotel gives real exclusivity for those who crave for the most comfortable accommodation! All you can eat breakfast is included for the 2 or 3 person rooms.

The wonderful Hotel Olea awaits you with a restaurant, fitness center and bar. The 4-star hotel with a nice garden offers you rooms with free Wi-Fi, own bathroom and A/C. Guests are able to use the sauna, the outdoor and indoor pools for some refreshment.


2021.08.22. - 08.27.

Pre-sale price: 229 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

These 4-star premium accommodations are available for 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 persons.
The building has an outdoor pool. All of the rooms feature Wi-Fi and the local private parking is completely free.


2021.08.22. - 08.27.

Pre-sale price: 199 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

This 3-star accommodation is situated 500 m far from the center of Novalja and 750 m far from the beach. There is a bus station just next to the Hostel.
This accommodation has a pool, and the rooms are equipped with air-conditioners, and parking places are available right next to the apartments.  Free wifi is available all around the building. The apartments are available for 2-6 persons.


2021.08.22. - 08.27.

Pre-sale price: 199 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

These are 3-star accommodations in a comfort category which are situated in the center of Novalja, only a few minutes walk away from the center and the beach.
These accommodations feature pools, and they are equipped with air-conditioners, parking places are available right next to the apartments, too.

The rooms are available for 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 persons.


2021.08.22. - 08.27.

Pre-sale price: 159 €

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

These are 3-star accommodations in a normal category which are situated in the center of Novalja, only a few minutes walk away from the center and the beach.
These accommodations do not have pools, but they are equipped with air-conditioners, and parking places are available right next to the apartments. The apartments are available for 2,3,4,5 and 6 persons.

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You can find the current entry and local rules HERE.

Island of Pag, which really looks like we would be on the moon, is 63 km long but only 1,1-11 km wide.
Pag is located in the northest part of Dalmatia, a special member of the Adriatic islands.

The island can be reached by ferry or over a bridge from the Razanac channel located near the south-western Zagreb.
Pag has its own bus transportation, which we can reach all of the main towns with.
We do not need any cars, because these buses depart from both of the main cities Pag and Novalja going to Rijeka and Zagreb, meaning that the wider destinations are also easily reachable by bus.

The western shore is ideal for everyone who would like to see different beach experiences or the lovers of hiking and biking are also able to follow their hobbies in perfect conditions on the whole island.

The inhabitants of the island make do on sheep farming, fishing, wine-growing, and tourism, also the salt distillers are important for their living.

The capital of the island had been built by very strict geometric rules in renaissance style from 1443, it is still a beautiful part of the view of the city. There is a parish church called Sveta Marija which entrance is a very popular place for postcards and photos. The marketplace itself is a masterpiece, too, where the two main roads of the city cross each other. The presidential palace there also worth the visit. The Sveta Margita church is also a must-see with the benedictine monastery and the museum.

Novalja is the most important touristic center in Pag Island, it is full of cultural and historical heritages.
It has a long and interesting past, which is stated by archaeological finds, such as three basilicas from early middle ages (4th – 5th century).
There is a commercial boat sank from the B.C.E. 1st century at the bottom of the sea which could be interesting for snorkels.

Novalja has great touristic potential, where anybody could find their interests.
There are a lot of party places for the younger generation, as this city is the center of the night-life in whole Croatia.

The all night partying continues the next day.
The specialities of Novalja and the whole island are the followings: the cheese, lamb, macaroni, cream-cheese strudel, different fish dishes and seafoods, and the local sweets such as the hrostule and frite.

Zrce is located in a protected bay of Croatia, in the middle of Pag Island. Zrce is basically a dreary shingly bay. There were no spectacles in this area until it has been marked as a partyzone.

There is a strict silence-rule in the whole country of Croatia, meaning that nobody can make noise after midnight, that was the cause they marked Zrce as a partyzone.
Zrce Beach has the international ‘Blue Flag’ qualification, which means that the sea is very clear there and it is checked regularly.
The beach is not sandy, but it is free and open nonstop.

If we feel too hot, there are plenty of sport activities and extreme programs which we can choose from instead of just a regular swim.
It is important to mention, that the smaller nightclubs are free, but there is an entrance fee for the bigger ones which is around 50-100 kuna if you do not have Beachattack wristband!

There are more nice beaches besides Zrce, such as Caska (located on an ancient Roman city),
Strasko beach, Branicevica, Planjka, Lokunje and Babe beach.

Route nr.1: Budapest – Nagykanizsa – Letenye (entering Croatia) – Zagrab – Karlovac – Gospic – Razanac – Pag – Novalja
Distance from Budapest: 670 km
Travel time: appr. 10 hours

Route nr.2 – by ferry: Budapest – Nagykanizsa – Letenye (entering Croatia) – Zagrab – Karlovac – Zeng – Prizna (ferry departure) – Novalja
Distance from Budapest: 570 km
Travel time: appr. 10 hours

Wakeboard lovers can continue their favorite hobby for the whole week!

‘Wakeboard Cable Pag’ on Zrce Beach awaits for those who are not only interested in the partyplaces of this beautiful bay.

The complex was built in 2006, and it has the most modern escalator system of Europe. The lane is 600 m long and it even has 10 m height at several points. The building is placed directly on the water, where you can enjoy a sun platform with a beautiful sightview for the full regeneration.

This is the center of the Beachattack parties on 3000m2!
Six dancefloors, one of them is gigantic sized, footsoak pools, foamparty, jacuzzi and two slides are the basic features. The mood is secured by the go-go dancer girls. This is the place that you never want to leave.

On the footpath of the beach the first stop is Aquarius.
This is a real modern, beachy partyplace. Instead of the dancefloor we can find foodsoak pools with a lot of pretty dancer girls.
If we would get hungry, there are fast food restaurants or pizzas. We may also have our own jacuzzi in the VIP section.

Kalypso is the first and the ‘senior’ partyplace. It has a tatched roof, natural stones surrounded by thick pine trees.
The music style is mainly House.

Noa Club is a new contestant in the field of partyplaces, it opened its doors in 2011. This is a 2000m2 complex, which was partly built on the sea.
Pools, two-storey dancefloor, 5 bars, yacht port, private beach, fast food restaurants and massages.
To put it in a nutshell, this is the partyparadise.

Right in the heart of Zrce Beach, the Club & Restaurant Nomad opened in 2019 and modified in 2021. In the style of an oasis the Nomad offers Mediterranean cuisine, fantastic music by day and night with a unique relaxed party atmosphere in a modern designed flair. The pool is in the center of the club, there is a snack corner, several bars and a brand-new sound/lighting system.

Get our packages from 159 €

Optional services:
Priority check in for an apartment 50 €
Bus travel from Budapest 80 €
Local shuttle 30 €
Party boat normail ticket 45 €
Party boat VIP wristband 70 €
Additional charge for VIP armband 60 €

Mandatory fee:
Administration fee 10 €
Security deposit (per bed, no money is taken unless any damageis caused) 100 €
City tax (on the spot, in cahs) 10 €

Be a part of this unique experience on the Adriatic-Sea!

Spend a day with us partying to the most famous Hungarian DJs’ hits on our party boat for 4 whole hours! As this is one of the most popular programs on Zrce Beach the participation is absolutely mandatory!

The price is 45 EUR, which includes unlimited drinks – all inclusive – for 3 hours, such as the followings:
– beer, wine
– cocktails
– vodka and gin mix drinks
– water
– soft drink

There is a possibility to buy VIP tickets for 70 EUR which includes the followings, too:
– getting in and out of the boat without waiting in lines
– separate section for VIP pass owners
– possibility for bottle service

Wakeboard Championship
You have a week to improve your skills on the cableway. On the Beachattack wakeboard championships our professional jury values the impressive 360 jumps, ollies and Bunny Hops. Don’t skip the obstacles for a bigger bounce.

Volleyball Championship
Its high time to show us you’re as cool during the day as in the clubs. Gather your team and brace yourself for the attacks since every point counts. Sign up with 4 friends and lets see who rocks the Volleyball championships.

Beach games
The brand new location of the Olimpyc Games 2020 is Pag island. Challenge yourself on our competitions and be the Champion of Beachattack.

Our partner, EUB-Assistance is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wherever you are in the world!

To participate in Beachattack you must have valid BBP insurance!

To participate in our Beachattack programs you must have a valid BBP insurance!
We would like to remind you, that only the following insurances cover the Beach Holidays, the classic insurance is not enough in this case.

Tengerpart Nívó for 6 days 10 €
Tengerpart Top for 6 days 12 €
Tengerpart Extra for 6 days 18 €
Tengerpart Nívó for 7 days 11 €
Tengerpart Top for 7 days 14 €
Tengerpart Extra for 7 days a 21 €
Tengerpart Nívó for 8 days 13 €
Tengerpart Top for 8 days 17 €
Tengerpart Extra for 8 days 28 €

In case of any question, please contact us!

Tel.: +36 70 339 6339

Address: Malomudvar (Entrance from the Mango Café)
1095 Soroksári street 48
Opening hours: M-Th 09:00-13:00

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