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Feel free to book your trip without any risk with Festival Travel International. If events cannot be held as scheduled this year, we offer refund guarantee for FTI travel services (this does not include administration fee).

In case of event cancellation, Festival Travel will offer a full refund for the customers.

Cancellation might happen due to the following cases:
• Hungarian Government imposes travel restrictions;
• Government of Croatia imposes travel restrictions;
• Official decree placed by the Croatian authority prevents clubs from opening;
• Clubs are allowed to be open but the event cannot be held due to the club’s guest limit.



We offer our passengers the greatest flexibility and freedom to book packages. By choosing the flex option, you can freely change the time and destination of the trip until the 7th day before the start of the trip.

The price of the service is 12 €, for which we offer the possibility of modification different from the GTC.
Modification of the participation fee must be paid by our passengers within 24 hours based on the amanded travel contract of Festival Travel. 



Based on the current epidemic situation, Festival Travel have been keeping the passengers in mind, so travels and events of 2021 summer can be booked with a 0 € deposit. We know to finalize your trip is not easy these days, so we schedule the deadline of advance payment to be the 13th day from the date of booking.

Our passengers who have signed the contract of Festival Travel with 0 € deposit, have nothing further to do, their booking is valid. The deadline of the payment for their order is the 13th day from the booking. We hope that from the end of the spring, the epidemic situation will improve (depends on population vaccination) as a result easing some travel restrictions all over Europe.



An advance payment must be paid within 13 days, which is 20% of the current – always the full – participation fee at the given moment. The arrears – the full participation fee – must be paid by the Passenger no later than 35 days before departure, without prior notice. In the event of non-payment of the advance payment and the full participation fee, the Festival Travel will charge a penalty (€ 20 per each day) or the discounts previously received will lapse.
If the passenger does not fulfill his / her payment obligation within 8 days from the first request, Festival Travel may withdraw from the contract and a penalty payment will be charged in accordance with Article III / 3 of the GTC. according to point.
If the travel contract is concluded within 35 days from the start of the trip, the full participation fee is due within 3 working days from the confirmation of the order.



1. Roomleader booking: You will be the responsible person for the administrative cases of your room. 🙂
In this case, you book a whole apartment with your team:
– as many people as many beds
– if you cannot fill the number of beds of the apartment then you have to pay for “free” beds
– if you don’t want to pay for ‘free’ beds then we will put you together with others.
You book the rooms, send an invitation to the other members by giving their email address so they can join the team.

2. Individual booking: You will be the responsible person for the administrative cases of your own single membered team 🙂
In this case, you book a bed, and you accept that we will place you in an apartment where we can find an available place for you.

People in one apartment can choose their own beds, first comes first served, Festival Travel does not have any impact on that. The members of the shared apartments will be contacted with each other via email a couple of days before the event.



For a person under 18 years old, two documents are necessary for being able to join our camp:
– tutelary declaration  >>>
– responsibility statement by a legally aged adult who will attend the event as well  >>>

In case of any of the uneraged’s parents is travelling with the underaged, filling out the above mentioned documents is not necessaey. This case please inform our office.



If you would like to change something in your already confirmed booking (way of travel, equipment rental, etc)  you can do it until the deadline mentioned under the ‘manage my bookings’ tag.
Any kind of change of data, services, etc cost 13 EUR/change.
The status of your booking can be checked under the tag of ‘manage my bookings’.
You can cancel your booking ONLY via email (info@festivaltravel) or personally.
The cancellation conditions can be found in the Terms and Conditions.



3-7 days before the departure date our colleagues will send you a detailed info letter, where you will find all of the necessary information about the camp (departure, accommodations, shifts, programs, insurance policies, etc.)

There is going to be an attachment to the letter, which is a voucher for you, where you can find all of the booked and paid services.



Because of the National Axle Weight Limitation from 2018, we would like to ask you to strictly keep the regulations about your baggage! The bags can be packed by those who travel by bus, too.
Allowed baggage:
– 1 suitcase (43 x 27 x 61 cm = medium size), which can be maximum 18 kgs.
– 1 hand luggage (backpack) which can be maximum 10 kgs

For bigger or harder luggage there is a 40 EUR additional fee.
In these cases, the package may be transported by a separate truck.
Otherwise, the staff will refuse to carry your luggage!
The number limit can only be exceeded for a surcharge, in which case the package will be delivered by a separate truck.



From 1 January 2017, in the event of a breach of consumer protection rules, consumers may submit their complaints primarily to the territorially competent district offices, after the termination of the National Consumer Protection Authority on 31 December 2016.

The general legal successor of the National Consumer Protection Authority is the Ministry of National Development.
Supervisory body: BFKH instead of MKEH Budapest Capital City Government Office Commercial, Military, Export Control and Precious Metal Certification Department Tourism and Public Warehouse Supervision Department Address: 1124 Budapest, Németvölgyi út 37-39., Postal address: 1534 Budapest BKKP, Pf: 919