Sziget Festival Student Tickets (H)

Budapest, Óbudai-island, 2022.08.10. - 08.15.
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Dear Student Ticketed Friends!

We would like to thank you for the patience and support we have received from you recently.

We are now pleased to announce that the sale of student tickets for the 2022 Sziget Festival has also started!

We hope to see you again on the Island of Freedom in 2022!

This year, the Island will be even bigger, real world star performers and plenty of programs await for a week!

Check out the ever-expanding line up:

Want a little summer vibe? Check out the 2019 aftermovie:


6-days student package

2022.08.10. - 08.15.

Pre-sale price: 74990 Ft

Limited, pre-sale tickets only

6 days non-stop with the best performers and programs!

Your ticket includes free camping, which means you can set up your tent anywhere in the festival area.

+ Administration fee: HUF 3,490

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Who can receive the discounted tickets?

Anyone, who:

  • wishes to switch to a weekly (6 days ) pass to attend the Sziget Festival held between 10th and 15th of August, 2022
  • turns 11 years old by August 10th, 2022 (individuals between 11 to 14 years of age require parental supervision on-site)
  • possesses a valid student ID card issued in Hungary and / or student status in Hungary
  • no longer possesses a valid student ID and / or student status, but took part in the Sziget Student Ticket Program in 2019
  • provides truthful and complete information during the online application process
  • fulfills the payment conditions

What happens until you receive your weekly pass wristband?

  • After registering and your making your payment you will receive an e-mail, whereby we kindly ask you to activate your application.
  • This is followed by another e-mail enclosing your voucher, which needs to be printed.

You need to bring your voucher, your student card and your personal ID for the check in.

How can you receive a discounted Sziget pass?

1 Join an already existing team!
2 Create a team,

Joining an existing team:

Somebody invited you to join a team and shared the team details? Then you should do the following:

  • Given the team’s name and code you can easily join a team by clicking on the Ticket purchase button
  • Simply register your datas on the page. Every registered team member is guaranteed to become a participant in the discount!


  • You cannot switch teams!
  • With one student ID number and one e-mail registration is possible only once!

Creating a team:

As a team leader you can receive a free Sziget weekly pass for 6 days in addition to the discounted pass; all you need to do is gather 34 of your friends, who also wish to attend the festival!

  • for 15 people 1 free Sziget daily ticket (you can choose a day which is not sold out yet)
  • for 35 people 1 free Sziget weekly pass for 7 days is granted
  • for 60 people 1 free Sziget weekly pass for 7 days plus 1 free Volt pass is granted
  • for 70 people 1 free Sziget weekly pass for 7 days, 1 free Volt pass and 1 free Balaton Sound pass is granted
  • Over 200 people, 3 Sziget passes/100 people, 1 VOLT pass and 1 Balaton Sound  pass per 100 people

Attention: A limited amount of teams can be created!

What do you need to do in order to become a team leader?

  • You need to create a team by clicking on the Ticket purchase button
  • Find a catchy team name and provide some of your personal details.
  • Invite your friends and acquaintances, wishing to purchase the discounted Sziget weekly pass, to become members of your team, you will need to inform them of your team and the team name!

Registration process step by step

1. Click on the button: Ticket purchase
2. Decide if you want to join a team or create an own one because you are keen to collect many team members by promoting it
3. Add your personal datas and accept the general terms of the Program
4. Click on the Ticket purchase button and make the online payment
5. After your successful payment we send you your voucher via email

If you have any question, pls contact us at:
+36 70 339 6339


You can read the General Terms and Condition here.


Phone number: +36 70 339 6339

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