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From the integration of Sziget and Meex at 2012 have been formed a special portfolio of festivals and travels for the whole year, which main group are the hungarians and foreigners of 18-30-ers and the youth grown-ups. Our Student Brand Manager (SBM) group of university students are unique in the numbers, sales and quality at Hungary.

The Meex brand means the best quality for summer and winter travels and festivals equally. Our breathtaking camp with non-stop acitivities and huge parties are memorables not just for students, but for all youth.
If we have to signify what MEEX mean, we use our slogen: Travel in joy = Élményben utazunk! Or with other words: WE CREATE MEMORIES! 

Meex organize their travels with help of Festival Travel Agency (address: Hungary, 1095, Budapest, Soroksári út 48, lic.number: U-001407). The Agency is part of MUISZ (Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies).